Forefront x Coinvise Presents

Token Community

April 6 — 8, 2022

A virtual hackathon supporting creators who want to launch and build tokenized communities.


Tokenized communities seek to empower creators and builders to build organizations that give autonomy back to the people, facilitate collaboration worldwide, and empower communities to control the value that they create.

We’re hosting the Coinvise x Forefront Virtual Hackathon to support creators interested in leveraging tokenized communities and the power of tokens to unlock innovation at scale and build whatever ambitious projects they have in mind.

With this hackathon, we’re pushing the space forward by bringing hackers, explorers, creators & contributors together and providing them with the tools and network needed to truly explore the capabilities of community tokens.


From April 6—8, come build the most creative, impactful communities that you can imagine. Anything goes as long as you’re harnessing the power of tokens and web3 tools.

Throughout the hackathon, you'll get guidance from folks building at the forefront of web3 through a series of workshops where they'll share their stories on building successful tokenized communities. You'll also have access to a group of experienced mentors to offer help and support throughout the hackathon.

Wednesday, April 6th


Hackathon Kick-off & Logistics.

2 speakers


Tokenized Communities Panel..

4 speakers


Hackathon Office Hours.

3 speakers

Thursday, April 7th


Token use-cases.

4 speakers


Scaling Ops for tokenized communities.

2 speakers


How to Grow a DAO Panel.

3 speakers

Friday, April 8th


Hackathon Office Hours.

3 speakers


DAO tooling on Polygon.

2 speakers


Demo Day & After Party




Available in various prizes & bounties

Main Prizes

$3000 up for grabs


$1500 up for grabs


$1500 up for grabs

In addition to main prizes, Coinvise is sponsoring up to $3,500 in minting fees



  • +What are Social Tokens & tokenized communities?
  • +Who can participate?
  • +How much does it cost to join?
  • +How many people can be on a team?
  • +What will I get out of this hackathon?
  • +Can I join the Hackathon with an existing project?
  • +Are you accepting sponsors?